Speaking at Shenzhen Startup Tuesday, about USA Startup weekend & book review

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For those of ya’ll in Shenzhen, China – stop by tomorrow night at Shenzhen Marketing’s startup tuesday at Chaihuo makerspace. I’m going to be presenting on the concept of Startup Weekend and go through what I learned when reading the book by the guys who are driving Startup Weekend globally.

I’ll also explain the expansion plan in China, get ideas how this model can be better applied to the China market. Also go over how guangzhou startup weekend is gonna rock this weekend, June 1-3!

The book gets into Lean Startup, the reason why 54 hour startup weekend is better than a year working in corporate. How to start a business on the VISION before the product, a MVP (minimum viable product) etc

Dang, I wish this stuff existed when I was starting my first business in 2004…. but I have learned so much and its still helping me tons today. I plan to share as much as I can.

I’ll post more and slides after the talk tomorrow night!

Update, Wednesday evening
About 15 or so people came to the meeting lat night
I uploaded the slides on slideshare for those that want to check it out!

Here is the text excerpt, it was a mix of the startup weekend format (I explain myself over and over in China about what is a startup weekend), talking about the book, the startup community ecosystem, and how we hope to grow in China.

Awesome organizers in the startup weekend Seattle:

Tawnee, Danielle, ashley, Abby, john, Keith

Photos of Last Weekend in Seattle

Videos – A short clip of last Friday night team building, as well as an incubator I saw later on my trip.

They WROTE A BOOK on Startup Weekend!

LEAP!!!!!! A leap of trust. Many skip #2….and startup weekend helps build teams and learn to work with cofounders.

1) entrepreneuer leap
2) cofounder leap
3) startup leap
4) funded leap
5) scaling leap
6) extenal acquire leap
7) IPO leap
8) fortune 500 leap

Education is Being Disrupted!

MAN! Do I wish this was here when I started my first business in 2004…
No one could help, professors, parents, friends, coworkers…
Entrepreneurship is a MANAGED creativity!
They say it is a system you can replicate.

Building a Network of DO-ers!

No talk, All action!
Without a startup community, we don’t know who is who.
Startup Weekend are people who DO!

People in Startup Community

People‘s Profiles:
Mentor / Angel
Tech Company
Service Provider

Startup Ecosystem

Events / networks:
Startup weekends
Investor market place

Startup Weekend in China

Had an Awesome Shenzhen Startup weekend! At Tencent headquarters this past April.

While in Seattle, I was the first to give them a China startup weekend shirt for the SW t-shirt wall in the office. Was really awesome.

Question: How to help Chinese startups?

Can Westerners help a Chinese entrepreneur?
Do domestic Chinese startups need international community?
Bring Foreign Investors to China?
Bring Chinese to USA?

Guangzhou is This Weekend (June 1-3)

Guangzhou SW! guangzhou. startupweekend .org
Weibo.com/startupscn @StartupWeekend
Mike’s twitter – weibo – @michelini

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