Reliving “China Experiences” Through My Children

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My Son Is Eating Bugs in China (Reliving My First China Experiences)

Back here in China now, and at the wife’s hometown. First up for dinner, dumplings – ok, sure – acceptable.

But also some kind of bug larva.

Miles was so scared when it first came on the table , standing up on his chair and pointing. Everyone laughed.

I comforted him a bit, he sat on my lap, and I said before we can judge something we need to try it at least once. Then – if we don’t like it – then we can say and make our decision.

So we helped convince him to try.

And – wow – he LOVED IT. He ate the majority of the entire table’s serving. His aunt would make it by cutting it in half, and then he would suck out the “good stuff” and spit out the shell.

Well, glad I got him to open up his mind and try. But can’t believe he loved it that much.

I myself skipped it this year – but can honestly say I had it last time I was up here. And that was enough for me 😉

Then I realized, as my wife snapped a photo – this is reliving my first China experiences. And this is what it is like to have a child – to relive your first experiences through them. The bug eating market in Beijing was what came to my mind (back in 2007 – still on Mike’s Blog here)

Here’s a photo of that

So, deep in North China I am re-living my China experiences through my son.


Ok, back to being cold in Shenyang, cheers

(Mindy and team – if you need high resolution images they are here below)

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