Final Preparations for Exit Customs

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Aug 28 – Sept 3, 2022

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Still semi-in shock/hesitant to even say anything until my wife, kids, and I are all allowed to exit the China border – but we are 95% sure we will be allowed to leave this Tuesday – as a family, no hiccups.

So while that day and transition is on my mind – of course we have a ton of business and an amazing team and partners and clients to work with. But have to say, I’m feeling most confident on our partners and leaders in the team – may even try to not be too overloaded on checking email and things the next few days on the road (yet I’m addicted).

Main “work” things:
* Onboard new writers (in process) and social media marketer(s)
* Further refine client services, influencer outreach, and marketing in general.
* This Friday in USA / Saturday in Asia – we have the Handshake Domain Auction Flamingo Handshake – .e/ and others are up for auction.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Aug 28 – Sept 3, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Keep on grinding, as I am in the final stages of my family and I’s exit from China – the first few days this week I will not be as available (most of Tuesday on the road) . Will use this as a transition – informally I call our current stage of Shadstone “Shadstone 4.0” – and considering saying the rest of this year we will move to “Shadstone 5.0”. Not just my move, but also the leadership growth in the team – and the end of the year retreat we will have in Tagaytay.

So what is the plan for the coming week:
I feel after some transition in client services team the last couple months – we are “getting back in the groove” of things. I know how overwhelming it is for new team members to join, and especially client services as they get so many random emails from all over the place.

Still do hope to keep optimizing that workflow, SOP, and team functions. Also get influencer marketing rolling for the various Amazon ecommerce brands.

We interviewed quite a few people last week in final round for Social media marketing as well as content writing, and are onboarding the writers already and discussing the social media team. We think there is a lot of work to be done in building up the social media marketing team – as wee have so many brands and projects – so lets think strategically about this.

Also I have been getting referrals for community managers in Thailand to work with us, and brainstorming the team structure there.

(Honestly I am a bit exhausted from a going away party last night and some NowShenzhen and GFA business meetings before I left so I may keep this week plan shorter).

* Onboarding new writers + social media marketeers (Idea is GROW the team, not replace)
* Promoting Flamingo Handshake online+offline auction this FridaY (USA), Saturday(Asia)
* Keep optimizing our client services, marketing, and influencer marketing workflows.
* New projects are coming – believe the GFA sponsorship meeting I had at terrace yesterday is finally ready to start, (regardless if I move to Thailand or not).

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