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Going through the travels, and mainly I’ve been always “tiptoeing” around the internet, but maybe not confident to do it 100%. Mobatech I was getting into sales and marketing, which lead to new york bar store, to shadstone – and in shadstone I was going to make it a marketing company, but decided instead of doing marketing for others, I would market my own new import/ export business. This was because, well if I can get on the top of google for “bar products” and sell a bottle opener, then try to get on the top for “buy container from china” and make a bigger average order size. After almost 2 years trying to do import/ export I moved into 100% internet SEO and marketing. With a little bit of spyble, mixed with influences from friends and business partners, I was convince to go 100% into what I have a passion for the internet.

Then I wonder why I didnt do this earlier? I remember always doing other people’s websites, and being overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. Maybe its because I cannot sell the service correctly, maybe its because I cannot deal with people, or I’m a pushover / too nice. But I enjoy makeing internet technology, and getting people to interact with a website online.

Last week went to the biggest SEO event in china in the city of Xiamen, and was invited as a Speaker! Spoke about keyword tools, keyword research, and how to organize your website correctly. Met many like minded people and it made me wish I was doing internet marketing as a full time effort a lot earlier. better late then never!!

Dinner with the president of – Gillian Meussig, aka “SEO mom”, visiting China from Seattle!

Speaking at the show, about 300 attendees.

In front of the entrance

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  1. dude! nice a speaker at that event. Sweet! and congrats on narrowing your direction and focusing your energy into what it is you want to do.

  2. thanks Piotr! always been good to support me, I sent you a usd on – you get it?

  3. Very cool mate! SEO Mom is certainly a good contact to have in the business – glad to see your further solidifying your foothold in the internet marketing business! Hopefully you’ll find a way to conquer China online with your leet skillz in the near future. All the best as always.

  4. Hi Mike,

    Different products need different internet marketing.SEO marketing is one of method of internet marketing.

    Some products need SEO marketing urgently.Some products no need too SEO marketing. It depended on the product itself.

  5. If we want to take advantage of SEO marketing,first we must study what kind of product need SEO marketing urgently.
    What product need SEO marketing?
    Let us brain storm,we will get the answer 🙂

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