Grind report – March 2016

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And here are the numbers:

I’m behind on Mike’s Blog – but as promised I am still doing these monthly grind reports.

The Reasons Behind The Results

March was a up and down month. The beginning of the month was extremely stressful with a last minute move of our home in China! Really affected my work as it was a couple full days of stressful moving – with tons of “stuff” and 2 young kids.

But once the first week or so got past us, the new apartment is much bigger and I don’t need to work on the balcony in the cold. I doubled down on working in a small, no window book room. Writing, making processes, being a machine.

Take a five minute break to play with my kids and drink some tea. Then back to the grind.

Even get some afternoon pomodoros in – but really the maximized work for me is mornings.

April Predictions on Productivity

So april is my favorite month! Its spring, and its my birthday!

And this year it’s going to be crazier than ever – with the first annual Cross Border Summit happening!

So while I’m excited for the summit – I know it isn’t going to help me with focused 30 minute work sets. It is going to be a ton of stressful emergencies to put out. A lot of phone calls, a lot of Wechat, a lot of making things work.

Been trying to put that all in the afternoon in March – but in April with just 2 weeks to go it is going to be busy!

So while I always like to be optimistic on improvements going forward, I feel April will be a bit lower in productivity than March!

But maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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