Delhi, India Sourcing Trip (First Time To India)

Delhi, India Sourcing Trip (First Time To India)

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Finally – a trip to India! Meghla and the team at India Sourcing Trip have been doing amazing things with the event and conference and this time I was able to participate and share with the group! What an intense place and experience!

Landing late on Saturday night and arriving at the hotel about 2am local time – Sunday we rested while others on the trip arrived. And a nice dinner to kick things off.

Monday was the official start with a conference speaking all things India sourcing, logistics, and I was able to share “Standing Out in 2024 Building a Brand” which is a fun topic and an overwhelming amount of strategies and tactics to share.

Tuesday we entered the Delhi Trade show and made groups while also having VIP lounge access (NICE!) – I was able to finally start to find a source for an Excalibur Brothers leather journal that has been on that product wish list for quite some time.

Heading to Taj Mahal on Saturday and cannot wait!

Was an epic trip and recommend those to come who are serious for sourcing from India!

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