Happy Father’s Day! Up To Now – June 18 – 24, 2023

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – June 18 – 24, 2023

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Quick separate video for Father’s day 2023 with the kids.

Happy Father’s day! Dragging my kids into today’s “now now now” video. And missing my dad, while I talk to him on calls regularly, haven’t seen him since in Florida back in Feb 2018. Love you dad.

Here’s an amazing article of him and his blood donation records.

Feel like a bunch of people I’m working with are on vacation- guess it is summer time. My kids just finished school last week, figuring out what to do with them now, lol.

This coming week:
* Tuesday Ecommerce meetups – weekly now, and recording, and having guests sharing skills. Look forward to this and hope to integrate it with Global From Asia podcast.
* Expanding the vision – hope to make the announcement.
* Ecommerce department structuring – which people to put in which seats.
* Client services/community / marketing department – training, coordinating.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan June 18 – 24, 2023 Shadstone Limited

Happy father’s day to all the dad’s out there. Trying my best to balance the huge pressure and work we are doing here at Shadstone while also being a father of a 7 and 9 year old. Not gonna lie – massive pressure – but in life – if you don’t put on pressure you won’t grow.

Last week:
* Developing the ecommerce team as it grows – figuring out who is in charge of which channel (opening Walmart, opening B2C shops), who has which hours/shifts, and coordination with marketing and content teams. Getting more clarity, and trying to balance all’s needs and requirements.
* Developing the client services / community / marketing team (it’s kinda a mix of those 3 departments in 1 right now). Still just a lot of growth, new people, new training, SOPS, and more.
* Webinar for GFA/Ecommerce, Twitter space for Handshake/SkyInclude/web3 – last week was a webinar on Thursday night, and a Twitter spaces Friday morning – and again, still realizing how to better syngergize these 2 “worlds” and industries, as well as our amazing team.
* Cross Border Summit – sponsors confirming, more early birds, did a giveaway at the GFA / Scale Insights webinar.
* Chiang Mai Tuesday ecomm meetup – went well last week, and going to try to do these weekly now, Tuesday afternoon 2-4pm at events.globalfromasia.com
* Larger deal, and new expansion – I keep “teasing” each week – but the terms are almost there and pushing it for this coming week.

This coming week – I’d say “more of the same“ on the big initiatives – mainly it is still – as always – training / growing / building our amazing team:

* Ecommerce department – last week got more insights on the newer team members time and interests from Nikko and JM. Now figuring out who to plug into which seat.
* Client services /marketing / community department – maybe that is “1 big department”. But working with Sally, Jhanry, Macky, Snook, and other ninjas on how to best streamline this. Cross Border Summit, Webinars, Podcasts, Meetups – lots of moving parts and the team has made great progress but of course so much more to streamline.
* Email marketing – we will be investing heavily into email marketing. We’ve been doing it for years, but are doubling down – prefer it much more than social media, and took a course on email newsletters by Richard Patey – and working on a new system.
* Recording + skill sharing at Chiang Mai ecomm meetup – Rebecca will be sharing on outsourcing to the Philippines, excited to learn some new tactics. Will most likely use for podcast, regardless will make a recording of it.
* (Fingers crossed) hope to make announcement next week of the re-focus of everything we do here and scaling up even more.

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