halloween night in Shanghai – today Beijing..

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so I ventured out of my hotel solo last night to take advantage of the Shanghai halloween festivities….usually I go out at least w/ a supplier, friend of a friend, or random dude from the hotel, but no dice this Halloween night and i’m not one to sit hotel on a night like that!! so off I went…had a bartender I met text me in chinese the address and hopped in a cab (you have to show the cabbie the chinese address…haha)

and – bad first impression for Beijing so far….getting off the airplane onto the runway freeezing cold!! guess that hoodie I borrowed from Renee while in Syracuse just ain’t gonna get by anymore! had trouble finding where baggage claim was…and then the taxis here are all conartists – worst in any city anywhere…all trying to quote me a flat rate w/o meter…i’m like hell no, as the quotes were 200 RMB etc etc which is like thriple what my friends told me it should be…then they follow you lowering it a bit…and then more will swarm…I am like – I AM FROM NEW YORK – AM NOT STUPID – GO AWAY – then I smile, laugh and keep walking w/ my hoodie up.. so I think i’m ok when I wait in the taxi line…the cabbie seems cool, can’t speak english. but helps me w/ my bags, etc etc – then he (while I wasn’t looking) covered the meter w/ a phone card…I’m leaning over pullin it off saying no no, he says something like meter will cost too much this will save money – then he says 150 RMB…i say 75, he says no, then I hide the phone card and he laughs…so he turns on the meter and we keep driving, then he ustles me for the toll booth saying he needs round trip, its only 10RMB so i’m like fine i can’t fight for this and give him the round trip toll….then the hotel he wont give me chane, wont give me reciet, won’t help w/ bags…so i a on the phone w/ my Chinese friend and he says “ass the phone to the cab river” he YELLS so loud…i quickly get my change, get my receipt, and the cab driver yells something at me and drives off…

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games staff…you got your work cut out for you w/ the airport mess, traffic and scumbag cabbies…seriously!!

….this hotel has a hand shower…but no stall just a drain in the middle of the bathroom floor….next to the toilet..so i assume i just stand in the middle of the bathroom to shower..w/ a hand shower thingie….and yet it is an internet ready room…LMFAO…what priorities here…

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