Forked Event Hong Kong: VC / Startup Matchmaking

Forked Event Hong Kong: VC / Startup Matchmaking

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Had the pleasure of attending the Hong Kong Forked event, May 8, 2024 – right off the plane!

What is Forked Hong Kong Event?

From their site,

FORKED is designed as a combination of activities happening concurrently, focused on helping founders’ projects to grow: from industry leaders sharing insights on stage to Founders & VC networking in the matchmaking zone, facilitating the birth of new projects and the growth of our partners' chains.

1 Up to 1,000 handpicked attendees, founders, VCs & Investors, C-level, KOLs, and Media

2 Thrilling Product Launches
3 Untold Founder Stories of Triumphs & Setbacks
4 Panel Discussions with cutting-edge projects

My Favorite Part – Hyper Networking + VC Matchmaking

It was an action-packed day – morning til night.

My favorite part was the friendly attendees – everyone there was there to network and make deals.

And the highlight of the conference was the VC matchmaking afternoon session.

Was able to get 2 5 minute sessions with 2 VCs in Hong Kong to share our Loadpipe e-commerce protocol and got good insights.

Definitely recommend this for any web3 tech startup in/around Hong Kong.

Hope to see you at the next one!

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