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Who needs a reason to go out and stay in a nice hotel with the family?

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Pretty much this is great timing. I need a night out – and as always – mixing family and business. Hard Rock Cafe (and hotel) is opening up in Shenzhen and invited us over. Thanks Matt from Shenzhenparty.com for the connection, Hard Rock is of course world famous and it’s awesome to see them come to Shenzhen, China.

So why did I come over for a night in the city I live in?

Well, I was invited – to discuss business! And why not have the family come along and enjoy.

We are discussing with them to host future Global From Asia events here – as it has all the amenities as a resort. Its up in Mission Hills and if you are coming up here, may as well stay the night (about 30 minutes drive from downtown).

Roaming around the hotel, there is a nice lounge (where I’m writing this blog from) and a rooftop pool and meeting area / networking area. Will be checking out the conference rooms later and brainstorming some ideas for GFA events here.

Not sure what you think, but I am happy to be integrating my family life and business life – the kids really have enjoyed roaming around the resort, and are able to try out the kid’s play area while I have my meeting. I think complete separation of personal and business is close to impossible as a business owner. I guess I could have left them at home and came up on my own but I would have felt guilty!!

Life can be grey, but that is what makes it beautiful (in my opinion). I used to seek the black and the white – the answers – of life – but what I have found is that there will always be this overlap if you are taking a non conventional path in your career / life.

Ok, time to try out this hotel’s breakfast and see the conference rooms, cheers!

So this vlog extended a bit – after the Hard Rock experience – Wendy dropped me off at the Hong Kong border and I headed down to Mike The Greek’s wedding in Hong Kong. Time is really flying I met him (via Brian Tam) back in Shanghai in 2012! Now he is living and doing his PHD in Hong Kong and married. So I had to attend – even if it was “deep” in Hong Kong (I didn’t realize it was almost on the furthest point away from China – down near Chai Wan). A quick wedding but got me teary eyed a bit – they are so happy together.

And at that wedding, I got to hang out with Doug and Witty – who I was best man at his wedding and featured their wedding back on Mike’s Blog episode 19 – wow – like 150 episodes ago. So happy to be able to document some of this insane travels and international experience.

So this blog turned into a “one day” experience into a 2 day. Hua Qiang bei tour, to Hard Rock cafe to a greek wedding in Hong Kong. Life can be very simple, or very complex. I choose the more complex way.

What about you? Are you looking for the normal path, or a more “complex” path. There is the saying – your NETwork is your NET-worth. For me I feel definitely rich in that experience, so many amazing friends around the world.

Now back to the work week and grind. Creating more content.

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