Family and Health – The Saying: Health Is Wealth

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Family and Health – The Saying: Health Is Wealth

My father in law has been down in Thailand close to a month, and unfortunately dealing with a couple health issues. Hearing the family Wechat group buzzing with ideas on medicine, hospitals, and other ideas – that is what it is all about – health.

So many of us – myself definitely included – are so wrapped up in our work that we forget without health we have nothing.

My wife is an amazing daughter, and there is hospital visits, various live Wechat calls with doctors in China. There is the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) mixed with the Western Chinese medicine.

Thailand does seem like a good place to get medical treatment, yet there is also her grandmother in China dealing with some close calls right now.

Life is so delicate and precious – and short. We need to remember that. Seriously – we live less than 100 years. 1919 was 100 years ago, and no one was alive then. Maybe a handful of people are over 100 years old on the planet.

So I do not think the medical issues of my father in law are too serious, but it is a couple different ones (not my right to disclose them publicly) – Wendy’s grandmother is another matter.

Just a quick blog, remember, life is short and we need to make the most of it. And let us try to not sweat the small stuff too much.

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