Make Amazing Things Happen

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Make Amazing Things Happen

That’s a Wrap!
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So the third annual Cross border Summit is complete. I’m still recovering after an intense 4 days (yes, this event has expanded!) and reflecting on what has happened. Of the many event organizers I talk to, we all seem to say the same thing – the event itself doesn’t make money but the connections and opportunities that come from it are amazing.

This time is even more of that. We went out (thanks so much to my amazing wife Wendy) and really upgraded the event. More organized than ever – we pushed the limits with amazing speakers, after parties, round table discussions, and more.

The community is growing, that is the amazing part. It is a real thing – people who do this cross border business – and in the Chinese side, there are a ton of these Chinese language / Chinese membership communities for Cross border business owners.

We are making it happen on the international side.

So today’s vlog, I get to take a bit of a break and just show you the recap of the event from our professional video crew that we had on site. Enjoy!

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