Shanghai is an Awesome Place; Mike’s Blog 037

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First day in Shanghai- and headed right into the Wechat conference (CHat Shanghai). Definitely the biggest event in English for Wechat and Chinese marketing strategies in general. As a sponsor, Shadstone Limited got a table in the back of the main room to show off our services a bit.

I wasn’t at the table much! I was out networking, video blogging random people, and doing podcast interviews. I was able to ask some people what they thought of Shanghai life, and others just caught off guard in funny situations. Enjoy this video, and if you ever get a chance to come to Shanghai – it is a busy trip!

Shanghai just has so many amazing people here, from around the world. It is all about marketing, tons of agencies on digital and viral campaigns. A lot of people asked me why I am based down in Shenzhen, and it is true, the south of China is not the best place to be if you are doing domestic China business and sales. But I am hitting it from the angle of cross border business, bridging Hong Kong, and the world via Free Trade Zones.

Working some deals with these agencies to plug into e-commerce free trade zones and lots of business development.

Already another day to go at this conference, as well as a few more days in Shanghai – looking forward to it!

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