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What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Feb 13 – 19, 2022

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Still too much “in the weeds” (or in the dirt as Gary Vee would say). I need to realize our team is amazing and filled with true leaders and managers. I need to let them fly more. I’ll try to adjust by:

* Focusing more on public facing items – doing a first Twitter Space for handshake.mastermind this coming week (4pm PST Wed Feb 16) on @michelini Twitter to promote Handycon, flamingo handshake, and skyinclude HNS projects and investments.
* Indigitus – there are some amazing things boiling under the surface, cannot wait to share.
* Excalibur Brothers – the foundation of the brand being established, and the foundation of the Amazon operations being formed. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of.
* GFA / NowShenzhen – content, systems, growth, community. New team members are joining, we’re finding how to synergize between our authority sites, and even investing in a new podcast / authority site called Venture Seed. Our content and media is our “engine” and we need to keep optimizing this to make it as well-oiled of a machine as possible. This is what drives our other income generating businesses.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Feb 13 – 19, 2022 Shadstone Limited

WE ARE DOING SO MUCH. And as we set off for in early 2021 – it is happening. We are building up management and leadership. You are here because we believe you are able to grow as a manager and a leader in the team. This is a top priority for the “new” Shadstone – we need people to be able to follow the SLOT (self learning, online work, teamwork) values – and so far I’d say after some tough transitions in the team – those here are that.

Some project updates:

GFA Kids – this started heating up before I even noticed. Our HR associate and Wendy have been working mostly exclusively together on it – and the rest of the team is catching up to help. We should have had others on the team more closely involved and supportive – but that is being addressed and fixed. We are onboarding teachers, and parents are going through trials and a few have upgraded for packages. Really cool we are making this happen, and there is a lot of opportunity for growth here. If you know teachers who want to help, we are looking!

HandyCon – March 16-18 is coming up faster than ever! Basically at the one month mark – and our SEO manager is stepping up as always. Speakers are onboarding, sponsors are onboarding, the community is coming together. Thought to add a Twitter spaces next week to get some more momentum going – Asia GMT+8 at 8am (same as Flamingo Handshake time)

Flamingo handshake – auction 10 for this month coming up Feb 23. We are having encrypted/ in the community join to help on the event for a percentage of the proceed Flamingo Handshake receives. Need to get name submissions coming in – and connect encrypted to our auction team at Shadstone to coordinate.

Indigitus – our engineer partners and team are top notch, but it has created a more closed process on public updates when they joined after the first product didn’t work. But we are taking care of those ambassadors who trusted us in the first order with various benefits, and trying our best to keep them updated while balancing requirements from our tech team to not disclose too much. Also politics between the blockchain is causing drama.

Excalibur Brothers / Blimp – products matched up with franchisees, and we are working to get the foundation of the branding, the listing together. Had a few longer calls with our Amazon manager and getting spreadsheets and documents lined up to launch these products. Also our media buyer is reviewing the keywords for a Google adwords campaign, and we are working on the other concepts on getting eyeballs knowing about this amazing new brand.

Now Shenzhen – our new content editor has joined to help take some load off our general manager, welcome! There are some more tweaks to the site and template that need to be complete, that will match up with the sales and packages being offered to customers. Also brainstorming other ways besides advertising to get income for the business.

GFA – Helium10 podcast coming this week, and our community manager is working to confirm a time for a GFAVIP mastermind with our members the week after.

Probably missing other updates – I’m sorry! Just a ton of amazing things happening. And love all of it, it is just a high risk environment as most is high risk, high reward, early stage.

But our top value is our TEAM – you! Thank you for being here, and hope you enjoy it, are learning, and are growing. We want you to grow with us – and there is so much opportunity. Thank you.

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