Anxiously Awaiting Baby Maggie…!!

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Saturday morning as I type this up. Been waiting a few days for the baby to come. Second baby so I should be used to this right?



Nerve racking as the first.

This one is a bit of a different situation, it is more of a slow process.

Trying To Still Keep On Work Track

Doing your own business while having kids is a big challenge. From my own experience as well as that from others in my network. I want to play with my kid Miles, but I need to write up a blog post or reply to emails.

Add into this expecting a second baby, and it is even a bigger challenge!

Seems there have been other babies coming earlier, Wendy’s friends both had the same expecting date of Wednesday Jan 27 – but babies are born already. We are still waiting. Maybe it is because its a girl, the other 2 friend’s babies were boys.

Have been some signs the baby is on the way, but much quieter than Miles. We joke because it is a girl so maybe more cautious and skeptical to come into this world. It is probably pretty scary for a baby to decide to be born!

Being Strong, Being Patient – Its My Job

Can’t admit to my wife that I am nervous. She’s nervous too, so we need one of us to be strong! The man must be strong!

I’m just more, responsive, when it is a sudden “the water broke, let’s rush to the hospital”, versus the current….waiting. And waiting… day in and day out.

Been quiet on my blog and social media. Not been posting a video blog (Vlog) for almost a week now. Just because how can I think about anything else except having this kid enter the world! I have some kids of video ready to use, but will only make sense if it is the complete story

So stay tuned everyone, the video will go on!

Anyone have experience waiting….like this? It is crazy!

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