Using an Event as an EXCUSE to Change

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Using an Event as an EXCUSE to Change

We can change any time we want to.

But often – we need a spark, a kindle, to get that motivation to make a change in our lives.

I think I’m using that right now. What about you?

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How do you make a change in your life? Or are you just taking the changes others give you?

I think I used to live the life others put in front of me. I remember the “game” was – do a good job, get a good grade on your report card, follow directions, get to the next step.

But I have found that the system is not real. I always get motivated by old Steve Jobs tapes – one being that the rules and the system were made up by people that were the same as you (my own paraphrasing here). We need to get out of that normal track in order to do something great and to make a bigger difference.

Maybe my blog here can influence you even just a little bit to challenge your normal daily flow.

Heck ya it is SCARY.

I am really scared right now. I’m not going to lie and hype up how cool and easy it is.

But that doesn’t mean I am going to stop doing it and stay where I am.

Being scared is OK – I love the saying –

Courage is not the absence of fear – it is acting against the fear.

I think if we have no fear – we gotta be pretty stupid. I think smart people are more fearful – because they see all the risks that are out there. And then your mind starts to process all the “what ifs”. And those negative outcomes in our mind from our smartness discourage us from making a change.

Kind of spinning all the different self help books I have read into this blog post – but many say that our human mind doesn’t like change. We like stability and predictability. We don’t want to risk loss or failure.

But in order to succeed – and achieve the life we want – we must risk loss and failure.

There is that saying “ignorance is bliss” – and seeing my kids doing crazy (stupid) things – it is because tehy don’t know! And we get older and we “know too much” so we don’t do “stupid” things that could get us in trouble.

So – cheers – let’s make more changes – and get out of our comfort zone.

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