Wow! It Really is Happening (Reality Setting In)

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Wow! It Really is Happening (Reality Setting In)

Guess there was this delayed realization

Or maybe coming back to China made it more real

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So I am typing this up from my “home”. I slipped and told Meir in a wechat message that I am back “home” upon my arrival Thursday. Ya, China has been my home for almost 11 years – and it won’t be anymore.

Arriving back to my apartment – after almost 2 months away – Wendy has been busy moving out! There were things all over the place, my bike has been sold already, my books and other things piled up on a table for me to sort through.

I guess I have a lot more stuff than I thought.

Spending Thursday going through my belongings – deciding what to give away and what to throw away – and see if anyone would actually buy anything – I’m trying to have less stuff. If I haven’t missed it for a couple months – then it can’t be that important, right?

The China company documents – we filled up a massive box -and took it to Ping our accountant.

The HK company document will be moved to our HK office at with Ray.

So the business documents are accounted for.

Then there are these stacks of books – I am only going to keep the ones that are autographed by the author ( as I think that is awesome – and  I have a Gary Vee autographed book, nice!). But luckily I’m just buying and using my Kindle – so I don’t want to keep stacks and stacks of books.

Well I can’t – jeez, I’d pay dearly to ship it to Thailand.

Having some people over for a going away gathering to see what stuff they can take.

Then a last GFAVIP meeting at the place to really seal the place off and hand over the keys.

It is all happening it is all real. I had trouble sleeping on Thursday night – woke up multiple times. Really just pulled in between multiple country directions – getting photos on Wechat from my father in law of the kids eating in Thailand – discussing wit Wendy about immigration process for the kids and us.

Wow, it is a lot of stuff. Making a fast choice like this has been overwhelming – and yes – still need to do our content marketing business for and others, HK incorporation business with UniproHK, GFAVIP services, and the other investments we have at Shadstone Limited. Thank goodness we been working on making amazing systems and team over the years and I am able to feel better that things are moving generally smooth as my personal life is ripped apart and turned upside down.

A team is the most important thing. And I have a great team which I am so proud of and hoping to continue to grow and develop.

I am also becoming a stronger person. Putting yourself on the edge, pushing the boundaries – is the best – well – lets say fastest – way to grow. Sure, I could have tried to stay where I am – but what I am already noticing is the kids are enjoying it. They seem so happy in Thailand – and the school is sending us daily reports of how they are progressing.

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