Ukraine is Weak – Brings Back Holiday Memories

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ukraine is weakMan, this is the ultimate t-shirt I found on busted UKRAINE IS WEAK. (hint for a late christmas gift to get me!) No, no, I am not picking on the actual country Ukraine, what I am referring to is a Seinfeld TV show where they are playing a game of Risk the entire episode. Later they are fighting on a subway in NYC and one of the players loses in Ukraine being told “Ukraine is weak” – unfortunately for them, tehre is a real Ukranian on the subway metro line with them…that is big, strong, and angry yelling Ukraine is STRONG! Below is a picture of the game… RISK – the game of global domination.

risk game of global domination

I miss those holiday nights playing board games with family and friends. Normally I was the one pushing my dad, mom, and sister to play monopoly or risk….I loved the competitiveness of it, trying to win and dominate the board as quick as possible.

The best times playing Risk was my Hartford, Connecticut buddiges Briam (magoo), Scott, Steven, Katie, and Andrew…..usually over some whiskey, snacks, and a long evening. We would be pretty competitive…..all trying to annihilate one another…..

I think these games got me started on my pursuit of international business….and I still almost look at life like a board game of Risk…..countries, armies, attacking ,defending….

Yea..sick….nerdy…crazy…I know – but hey, this is my blog and I’m gonna tell it how it is.

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  1. i love the game risk!!! ha ha yeah i hope to play some good board games this holiday season. Even though I am a seinfeld fan I did get the reference – and maybe you do not want to be wearing that shirt in case you run into a huge ukranian dude, or a group of ukranian hoodlums. ha ha seems like the kind of mess i would get myself into LOL Merry Christmas Mike

    1. Author

      yea…true, i also have the luck where if I am wearing that t-shirt i’ll bump into a massive Ukranian guy……would be kinda funny though..

      You like risk too? how come we never played in San Diego – I would have kicked ur a$$! haha

      thanks for the holiday wishes, miss you man we’ll hang soon when u come to China – or Thailand?

  2. lets get a holiday game of ATTACK going over facebook. China allowing you to use that these days? CHINA IS WEEEEEEAK

    1. Author

      yea, we should get that ATTACK game on Facebook going……but its still not the same…at all… real time , eyeball to eyeball, Risk action!

      I can hack through to Facebook, still not allowed openly in China…

      ohh.. China is weak – you better watch out man, the government here will find ya!!

  3. haha, hope one day I can play with that

  4. i dont know why we never played. 2 players is not too good 3-5 players is the best. but im in. there’s gotta be a online risk site????

    1. Author

      Hey Piotr,
      In Facebook, they have an application called ATTACK! that is the same as Risk (guess they cant officially call it the same name?)

      I’ve played online w/ Scott, Brian, Andrew – you know, the Hartford crew – last year – but its not the same as live, heated slinging of dice!

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