My Son Wants to be a YouTuber

My Son Wants to be a YouTuber

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It has been an ongoing discussion since we were in Shenzhen. Miles, my son, wants to be a Minecraft youtuber. Or a gamer youtuber, as he has other games he likes too.

Wendy and I have been discussing it – this means we’d need to get a gamer laptop. Even my mac I’m typing isn’t powerful enough to do youtube videos on games – need a big processor for this.

So we told Miles we would get him one once we settle down in Thailand. That we’d need to get a high power computer for this.

Well, he hasn’t forgotten, we are here in Thailand and settled down.

So I asked him to make a test video, to just get the hang of it – and here it is.

Kid really wants to do it, 8 years old, and daddy does some “youtube” too – so it is exciting my son also wants to do it.

May need to go “gamer computer” shopping soon enough. It is a valuable skill.

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