What Is Mike Michelini Up To July 9 -15, 2023

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What Mike Michelini is up to Now – July 9-15, 2023

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If there was a week I’d skip this “now now now” it would be this one – in the midst of a family vacation in Singapore, so will keep the update short.

* Ecommerce brand systems and issue resolving – with 4 brands going, it is a bit of a “wack a mole” with always some issue coming up in logistics, trademarks, finance in them. But that is my job it seems – deal with escalations and solve the problem.
* Ecommerce meetups GFA and Cross Border Summit – Wendy getting me thinking we need to re-launch the multiple city meetups via events.globalfromasia.com – Sally and the team are doing great but we also need to add more resources I’d say.
* Loadpipe team building – last week really accelerated it with the Purse announcements and fielding inbound questions and suggestions and joint venture requests.
* Business meetings in Singapore – while on family vacation, dragged Wendy and kids with me to a bunch of business meetings and making some progress. Wrapping up Monday and will be back on “normal track” this coming week.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan July 9 – 15, 2023 Shadstone Limited

A “semi” holiday (as always) typing this up on Sunday morning at the hotel in Singapore. Thinking a ton on all the businesses and projects we are working on. Think we should be proud of what we have accomplished and prepare to keep leveling up.

Last week more continued processes and system improvements in general:

* Re-ordering from Thailand, China – working on the sourcing and logistics flow. Different people, different shipping methods, different service providers makes it more complex – but having a core framework will help. Thinking about Christmas orders already.

* Container 3 from Esatto clearing Us customs, should be ready to go this week and time to dig out of the massive hole this brand got into at birth.

* GFA meetups, content, Cross Border Summit – more and more tweaking. Wendy getting me ideas we should be doing more meetups around Asia and need to find local partners. The events.globalfromasia.com has been upgraded quite a bit (great work) and I think can allow us to do that.

* Loadpipe – the Purse users were emailed and a bunch of questions coming to us about it from them. Talking to protocol engineers and others to team build this and re-structure this.

* BIG QUESTION – I believe a massive restructuring is in order. With the Purse news, and the various brands, and all the people we work with – brainstorming very hard on the best way to streamline and structure all of this. It is a massive opportunity to grow to a new level, but want to do it the best way possible.

This week I’ll be back from Singapore to Thailand on Monday night. More business meetups Tuesday, and working on all the ecommerce brands and projects we got. Seems I’m always escalated the issues (trademark, copyright, finance) but need to realize that is my job – to deal with the exceptions and the problems.

We are in a summer holiday wave as I know others on team are taking time off this month. Let’s recharge our batteries, think about our team structure, and grow.

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