Won Top Prize at Web3 Spring Ideaton

Won Top Prize at Web3 Spring Ideaton

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Been quiet lately on socials, just building and creating for the Loadpipe web3 ecommerce ecosystem – but felt it would be good to get out and network a bit so joined the pitch event at

Web3 Spring Ideaton
Hosted by ICP at the STeP – Science and Technology Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Spoke about the “Next Blue Ocean: Blockchain Ecommerce” and how Loadpipe and our first ecommerce marketplace on it, Hamza, will open the floodgates for a whole new paradigm for commerce on the blockchain.


And it was top vote in the audience, getting first place. Quite a few developers in the room also were interested to join and contribute and most people were definitely on the same page about the frustrations of web2 platform risk.


Here’s the full event info:


​The Web3 Spring Ideaton powered by ICP at STeP – Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand
​Event language: Mix tha/eng

​​​​Registration required / Seats are limited.

​The Web3 Spring Ideaton powered by ICP at STeP – Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai is a dynamic and inspiring event that brings together innovative minds from the world of Blockchain, AI, AR/VR, Web2, and Web3 technologies. This event aims to foster collaboration, ideation, and networking among developers, entrepreneurs, startup founders, students, and professionals in the Web3 space.

​Why is this event for you?
​Live pitch your idea and receive live feedback

​Opportunity to win rewards and apply for Grants from ICP

​Chance to join the SynergyLabs Incubator program

​Find teammates or join a startup

​Network with like-minded people in the Web3 space

​Registration & Check-In – [30 min]

​Welcome Speech – [5 min]

​Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply for a Grant from ICP – [15 min]

​Success Stories and Inspirational Talks – [30 min]

​Pitch Session – [60 min]

​Voting for Ideas – [10 min]

​Networking Session – [Free time]


​​🤑 Get Bitcont! 5 random participants will get ckBTC reward

​🎁 All registered participants will receive a gift NFT with perks inside from Synergy Labs

​​🍹 Enjoy FREE drinks and snacks for a comfortable experience.


​🏆 Have an idea? Win a reward!
​​1st place $150

​2nd place $100

​3d place $50

​What idea I can pitch?
​​Web3 & Blockchain

​​Mix Web2 & Web3

​​AI, AR/VR, Metaverse

​​Real World & Web3

​​Gaming & Entertainment

​​Social Impact & Sustainability

​​Technology & Software Development

​​Security & Cloud

​​Health & Wellness

​​FinTech & E-commerce

​Public goods

​Open Innovations

​​​​STeP – Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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