saturday night club photo

In usa by Michael Michelini5 Comments

so yea – this has been posted on the net – i’ll always love the nyc nightlife!!

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  1. haha what a happy/lively young man! you are so different compare with the man i know there days!

  2. Well.still errors.
    yes of course you changed for better! I believe that you have your dreams for a long time,but now you are more experience,more .how to say 成熟.i am using phone so can’t use dictionary sorry.Compare that young big boy,you are more like a real man(sure you still young now):-)
    but i think your mind must have smoothing emotion or sensitive,maybe.What has changed in your heart,you know yourself .
    BUT I WANT TO SAY I LIKE THIS PHOTO VERY MUCH.Yes.i like that smiling mike.:-)

    1. Author

      about the errors….does your reply still work or do you have to repost the comment if the error pops up?

      yes….i have to say i am proud of myself too……it was a lot harder then i had thought……..much more difficult

  3. I have to report the comment,can’t chick REPLY now.
    about the photo,oh!the more i look it back,the more i like to see.a feeling but hard to describe,no reason just like!:-)

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