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Dear friends, thanks for doing the survey for future meetings. Really appreciate your  enthusiasm and efforts. According to the survey up to now, the future meetings would be held in English monthly at certain Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm/6pm in Nanshan or Shekou.

For the 2nd meetup, it will be after Chinese New Year holiday, either Saturday Feb. 19 or Saturday Feb. 26. For the topic,  we now have top 3 topics from the survey: English (Export) Ecommerce, English SEO and English Social Media. If anyone like to present or speak at the meeting, sharing your information and ideas, please just contact. Will update the details about 2nd meetup later.

Here is the survey result. survey result

Thanks & Wish everyone  happy Chinese New Year in adavance.


Question 13:    Any other feedback or ideas?
1) if it can be held in both Chinese and English, it will good for communication and conversations. The guys sit next me can’t catch English and also there are foreigners who can’t understand Chinese. If there will be translations, It will be good for the communications. 2) If can post the topics and general flow in advance in the internet, attendees will get prepared and conversations might be more active and the topic will be more focus.
Concentrate on problem solving. Knowledge sharing is good. However, if we can help people solve problems or creating business opportunities, it will help and influence more people.
B2B: how to find clients on internet; after finding target or potential clients, how to negotiate
Shall we have a serious meeting about customs rules of different countries? Since many people attending the meetup are doing import & export business.
If this would be a paid event, it would be great to have it in a restaurant and have the event sort of like a banquet.
For me (as a non-Chinese speaker), to have the meetings in English is fairly essential. It could be posssible for some guests to present in Mandarin provided there that was followed by an English translation.
often bars will like to host such events, and in fact give “happy hour” beer prices to participants. I could find such a place for an event. Bruce
1£¬ If it is a Chinese gives the lecture, at least his/her PPT should have some explanation in English 2£¬ The first meeting on 15th, Janunary is nice, but the topic is too big and general. So I suggest we can talk some specific topics in future, for example: how to save cost when you doing import&export? Ways to find customers? How to exchange foreign currency in china…etc. 3£¬ Some people go there just for network, so better introduce people a little bit. 4£¬ Each time before we have a meet up, you can assign some work for everyone. Thus everyone can prepare and have something to say in the meeting.
Please include the following – 1. Technologies that would be needed to support marketing efforts. 2. International Marketing 3. Product Launch 4. Life cycle Management 5. Statutory Laws and Regulations
I think a session of professional introduction is necessary, which will be helpful to make friends with the same interest.
you can create a FACEBOOK group and add all those attendees to the group, so they can invite ppl to join or view all events in there
Hope any topic of business can be talked about in the meet up!

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