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My Son Wants To Become a Kung Fu Master!

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We all have new year’s resolutions. My son, Miles may not even be aware of what those are yet but he has one:

To become a Kung Fu master!

All those Atom Man cartoons and toys combined with his love for Spiderman led him to want to learn Kung Fu.

So Wendy found a nearby (well, 30 minute taxi ride) Kung Fu training center and the family loaded up and headed over.

We support him in this for we believe it will help train his mind to be more calm and focused – something kids do need to develop as they grow. And, the teachers seem very kind and friendly and supportive.

He had a trial / intro course with a teacher and him, 1 on 1 and we were able to sit and watch. At the end of the training, he came to us and say “thank you mom and dad” with his hands clasped together.

The teacher sold us a 1 month package during Chinese New Year (Jan/Feb) that is 3 times per week for 4 weeks (12 classes) for 400 RMB. It’s a 2-hour training each session and I’ll commute with him for most of them. The taxi rides will cost more than the actual course so, why not.

Wish Maggie would join, but she is too shy for now. Maybe next time.

We are able to squeeze this in before we consider relocating back to Thailand. Think learning Kung Fu in China (and for that price!) is well worth the investment.

What a New Year’s resolution! What is yours?

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