First Week in Thailand & Trip to the Zoo

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First Week in Thailand & Trip to the Zoo

Well time is flying a week has passed already

That overwhelm and realization of the huge shift in life

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We are pushing forward. Getting a lot of feedback of how fast and bold we were to make this move – and yes those feelings are setting in now. The bigger challenge is my wife is not here! She’s still in China waiting for immigration paperwork from Thailand.

We have all been amazed at how the kids have adapted pretty smoothly. Miles is a bit quiet in school and we think it is because no one speaks Chinese there (and he speaks in China most of the time). He is giving us mixed feedback about school – some days he loves it and doesn’t want to come home – other times he doesn’t want to go. Think it is the shift.

Maggie is much easier- I think it is because it is the first time she has ever been in school – so no adjustment or nothing else to compare it to.

I do apologize about the last video’s lack of seat belts – we are doing it going forward. Also we are sending the kids with the private driver to and from school on their own now. We have a WeChat group of Wendy’s family and they are all so nervous about this – but for how long can me or my father in law drive with the kids, sit in the coffee shop all day, and drive back? Or drive there for 20 min and drive back and forth.

So far the kids have been OK in the car on their own. Yes, I am nervous – but I have the driver send me a Line (Whatsapp/Wechat of Thailand) message each time they are dropped off.

Getting good feedback from people as well on the Smooth Lifestyle podcast idea – that there is a need for more family content relocating to Thailand / Asia / digital nomad. There are so many questions I still have about the process, I want to keep sharing and learning. Creating content is my passion.

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