Mobile phone revolution is here, my newest equipment

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Truly amazing…typing this full blog post from my new android bluetooth keyboard on my way between offices. My latest battlegear:

    • Samsung galaxy note mobile phone
      – bought a couple weeks ago for 5,300hkd (about $700usd) with a 1 year contract at china mobile hong kong (monthly phone bill is 68 hk dollars a month for unlimited Edge data planin hong kong plus 1,000 minutes per month inside hk)
    • Rapoo android bluetooth keyboard
      – 280 chinese reminbi, or about 40 us dollars. Just got this todau in hua qiang bei electronics market, shenzhen
    • Two backup batteries
      – 50 rmb each for total of 100 chinese yuan (about 15 us dollars)….not as long lasting as the original, but lasts a couple hours each if I am using the screen a lot.

    Battery life is definitely the variable holding back development of this ‘mobile revolution’…. I am going to try my best to use my laptop less and less

    Using the wordpress mobile application to enter this blog post, and typing from the bluetooth keyboard…..when i was in the market today….some shops confused me, as there were ipad only bluetooth keyboards, and other bluetooth keyboards only for pcs

    My buddy Dave Ho has his computer now setup to connect to the television at home, also using a bluetooth keyboard to control it….

    Things are happening so quickly. I know soon Google will have those terminator style glasses, where you can look at things and search online, with face recognition to see your counterparty’s facebook profile and linkedin.

    The future is here, and instead of resisting it like my friends are….we need to embrace it. We are turning into our parents….complaining about technology….but the new generations are growing up on social media and mobile web…we need to keep up with the pace.

    To me, this is simply amazing, I am traveling to Hong Kong tomrrow with just these devices, and power chargers.

    Set yourself free!!!


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    1. Big spender on 50 RMB batteries, haha. Actually I kind of miss them cheap batteries, I wanted to buy another one the other day and they were $50 out here (sigh). 

      Tell that Ho to check out Logitech K400 – its what I got going for my TV and its awesome. Has built in mouse pad in it. 

      1. Wow you are up early, or late??

        This is why doing product development is best done in china….access to all the parts and components as soon as they come out and at a fraction of the cost

            1. I’ve always got my best work done at night time, no matter what timezone…no one to bother me, less distractions, ect..ect..

    2. I can type correctly on my Galaxy Note without the need for a keyboard. You must do some pretty serious typing to need this equipment!

      1. Or i have fat fingers. Hahah. Dang americans!!!

        But seriously, whats the longest email you have written from your phone…. For me….it has gotten to maybe a couple hundred words….but its too slow for me…..

        And do you write blogs from your mobile phone

        1. No, I only type short emails. You are right, the screen keyboard is too slow & imprecise for typing long texts.

          1. Yes….did u see my screen problem on my mac air….i had to turn it in for a couple days for repair….now i can type these long blog comment replies from this bluetooth keyboard (like im doing now) in about 30 seconds…. Wow we are such geeks

    3. Hey man,
      All cool stuff – I like it. 
      However, on a philosophical note, i dont know about that last line – “set yourself free”.  Being permanently tethered to everyone in the world’s beck and call 24/7, i would say, is the opposite of free.  Cant tell you how often, even with my Droid, in the rare moment I’m doing something non-work related, I’ll pick it up and see a customer email that just pisses me off.  

      Wireless chains bind you as much as physical ones. While they do provide you the convenience of 24/7 communications, they also provide you the burden of 24/7 communications.

      1. True andrew

        I have thought about having multiple profiles on my phone… i can switch from work mode to chill mode……. But then again….especially me… life is my work….but i love it

    4. Interesting Michael– I assume I’m sticking with iPhone/MB Air but I love reading about why I might like to go Android. You do have a sweet setup there.

      You’re 100% right though, must embrace the change to be ready for all the cool tools coming tomorrow!

      1. I will try to take some in action photos….like write now im in hong kong waiting in the front gate of my friends apartment building…..getting stared at by old hong kong women walking with their grandkids as i typing out long emails, blogs, and social media comments… friend came down to meet me and is cracking up

        Few people tell me why not get a ipad. …..but an ipad isnt a phone… here with my galaxy note i can do whatsapp and text messages….even initiate a speakerphone call with my keyboard

        Im 30 years old and my friends my age are acting like they are 60….resisting change…..when we used to make fun of our parents for not adapting to change we ourselves are resisting change in our own generation
        Also i have to get used to this setup….my mac air is still getting repaired…..screen problem is more difficult to fix than they said

        1. I’m 48 and I get resistance from guys younger than me over using Twitter!

          ‘Don’t ‘NEED’ it.’

          More than ever, I think keeping abreast of the new stuff differentiates you from the competition, esp. w/tools. Hmm, I feel a blog post coming on.

    5. Nice! I can see how excited you are about this new keyboard. Maybe you won’t need a laptop any more!

      1. Nice gabree….getting u addicted to reading my blog and commenting awesome!!!!

        Yes…..well Nik just told me huaqiangbei repair shops are quoting him higher to fix the mac air screen….so….it may be a few more days without a laptop….

    6. Love my Galaxy Note.  Hope I can find a KB like that in Malaysia.  What case are you using?  I’ve been looking for something that can double as a stand.  I was thinking that a kickstand/photo frame type case for the Galaxy Note could be a hot item

      1. Yea. …i forgot to mention my phone case!!! It is a samsung branded flip case….came free from china mobile hk when i bought the phone.

        I think this keyboard is a chinese brand…..but of course can buy online from the many b2c ecommerce sites i help promote hha

        1. Cool deal will look for that case at the phone shops here.  Do your ecommerce shops ship to Malaysia?  I’m having doubts that I’ll find a keyboard like that here.

          And for the record, since some may be curious, I spent 2299 Ringgit Malaysia on my Galaxy Note, which is around $750 USD.  That’s for an unlocked model from an electronics store.  

    7. Yea I’m finding more and more that with my iPad, dropbox and Logmein there is no need for me to carry a laptop around. Perhaps I will pick up one of these keyboards. I have a pair of Rapoo bluetooth headphones and they work great.   

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