Meetups and Euro Cup – Mike’s Vlog 022

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(When I was posting this I was in Dubai, Youtube is blocked…. for now check on facebook for video)

Getting these video blogs done on the weekend – full week of work and then the fun and networking began! Saturday we had a DC Prague meetup – few amazing speakers, good food, and of course – epic networking with great people. In this video blog I get to chat with just a few of the amazing people doing business all around the world.

Also great to meet other bloggers and bloggers – Simon Whistler Vlogs is a pro and full time video / youtube guru and I got a lot of great tips.

Then after the meetup, back to downtown Prague and then caught a Euro Cup game – Germany versus Italy. I was the only guy in the whole bar cheering for Italy ! Got overrun – the energy was amazing and I hope this video captures just a small percentage of it.

It was great to spend time with the DC (Dynamite Circle) guys, Dan and all the members. Life is good, learning, networking, and growing.

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