It’s A New Year? Start A Vlog?

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It’s A New Year? Start A Vlog?

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Happy New Year! What is your new year resolution? For me back in the year end of 2015 one was to start this video blog in the new year. Well, technically started just before 2016. Don’t wait until Jan 1 to start your new year’s resolution!

So I wonder- what is your new year resolution? Start a video blog?

And if you’re reading this – do you read the text and watch the video, or are you just reading the text? I have a feeling some people just read the text and others just watch the video – I don’t think people do both. The funny thing is – often the video and the text are not too related and the comments on get on the Facebook post can be mixed up a bit.

So after a couple years of video blogging now, I am still studying how to come up with engaging content. On a consistent basis. How to make a story. I have interviewed amazing people on the Global From Asia channel like Winston Sterzel (Serptenza) and I have watched Casey Neistat’s video on making a story – we all agree this is the biggest challenge.

Probably my biggest thing to fix is stop talking about myself so much, and make it more about YOU. Maybe it is the name of the channel “Mike’s blog” is a bit egotistical don’t you think? But it is really easy to remember!

So I’ll try in the new year to be more about YOU. And I have been studying story telling quite a bit, read up on it, and these are the 4 elements to make people engage better – emotional connection, reliability, suspense, and inspiration.

So if you are starting out a video blog, or any kind of content (I respect the content creators, it is a lot of work!) – what I can tell you from all of my mistakes is to think about the person watching the video, reading the blog, listening to the podcast. Serve them, not yourself.

I’ll work harder in 2018 to make the content more helpful and educational for those watching.

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