Guide to branding yourself on Google Plus

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You can build a phenomenal branded content channel on Google Plus that can serve as an extension of your official company website. Since Google also owns YouTube, so you can seamlessly connect both Google Plus and YouTube that lets you broadcast live videos for free via Google Hangouts on Air. The community and circle settings allow you to share content only with people that you want to engage with. So, you get more control over your content in contrast to other platforms wherein the entire content goes public.

As is the case with Facebook, you can create your own personal profile as well as business page accounts. What makes Google Plus different from Facebook is that your personal profile here can be used more effectively for personal branding. If you promote your business too much on Facebook, you can land up in Facebook prison. However, on Google Plus, a user’s name is his or her brand. We recommend that you use both your personal profile and your business page. You can use your personal profile to connect and engage with people while using your business page to promote your enterprise as you implore people for your personal circles and communities to follow your business page for latest content, news, events and updates. You can network on your personal profile and show keen interest in what others are doing on Google Plus while leaving comments.

Design and style tips

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you style your Google Plus business page adequately. The dimensions for the cover photo are 2120 x 1192 pixels. However, as long as you adhere to the right proportions, even 1240 x 700 pixels would work fine. You can also make use of a smaller graphic that is approximately 480 x 270 pixels but we would recommend you to go for the bigger size so that your header image looks clear and free of any distortions or blurriness.

Keep in mind that the sizes and dimensions that we are discussing here are only for the Google Plus business page and not meant to be used for the personal profiles. You may use the same cover photo for both the pages but the Google Plus personal profile cover photo chops off the left most part of the image that is equivalent to almost one-third of the entire graphic.

Elements of Google Plus Cover Photo

  • Website address
  • Logo and business name with tagline
  • A background photo or image that syncs with your business

Ensure that you keep it as simple as possible since the entire cover photo is not visible on all devices.

Elements of Personal Profile Cover Photo

  • Website address or Business page URL
  • A professional and relevant tagline
  • A background photo or image that is in tandem with your interests and personality

What should not be included in cover photos?

The cover photo should not incorporate links to other social media platforms since if people are on a certain platform such as Google Plus, the probability that they intent to engage with you on it is higher. So, your cover photo should be relevant to the platform that you are using. If you want people to connect and engage with you on other social medial platforms, you can use updates and posts to solicit your followers on Google Plus to follow you on other platforms. Connect to people first and then ask them to follow your elsewhere. Show respect to the platform and people will show respect to you as well.

Google Plus Cover Art for all Devices

The text should be placed closer to the top of the cover art while approximately 250 pixels at the bottom of the image should be left free of any text since the profile photo will be shifted to the bottom and the middle part of the cover photo will be displayed on the mobile phone.

Profile tips

A business page on Google Plus has two sections that allow a user to customize your business page information and settings. You can add a link to your website in the About section in addition to your address, contact details and a description of your business. The business description is a very important part aside from your website link and should include:

  • Information about your business and the services it offers
  • The primary problem that you solve in relation to your clients
  • What is interesting about your business and makes you stand out from the crowd

The profile should contain information that tells a visitor about you as well as your business and it should read as if you are talking in person to the people with who you want to connect to. Google Plus is all about communities and circles. Use your profile to engage with people in your circles.

Settings is the second part of the Google Plus business page that let you choose who sees your posts, configure notifications, customize your circles and determine how your photos, videos and hashtags appear on your posts.

You should ensure that you have filled out the About section completely and the page settings have been configured appropriately. It will help you connect to the right people and ensure that people in your circles see your posts.


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