Grind Report- April 2016

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What a month April has been! Feels good to be entering May. April is the month I am born it – its also spring time and it always gets me in a good mood.

April we had the Cross Border Summit – smack in the middle of it. Plus all these trade shows and meetups – with more people than ever to meet and greet!

April’s Grind Results

Let’s just get these numbers out:

As Expected – Less Grinding – More Event Planning

The month was below March’s. Which is what I predicted. Event planning doesn’t leave much room for focused, 30 minute work sessions with a calm and focused mind.


Event planning is chaos. Phone calls, emergencies, and constant fire fighting. Did write up a ton of SOPs and we have a good team now who understands how the event is to be laid out and will be much smoother next year.


But I am also a little disappointed at myself how long it took me to get back to “grinding” after the summit. It was truly draining on me, had a few days where I slept past my 5:30am alarm – and just had physical exhaustion.
But got back on track the last few days in April – and am ready to have a clean slate in May!

May – Less Events – More Grinding

Let’s see how May goes – but I predict it to be a solid month of hard and focused work. Not big travel plans coming up. Maybe a smaller meetup for Global From Asia members, but nothing like the Cross Border Summit.


I hope to work from home more. This new apartment (been here now 2 months) is really working well. Have an actual office, and my headphones are focused enough that I don’t hear the baby crying in the other room as much. So I get some solid work done in my home office – mostly in the mornings.


But in June, will be back to a lower output. Taking a bit of a “break” in the second half – best man for my buddy Doug Pierce in Thailand,  going to DCBCN (Dynamite Circle Barcelona) conference and then also Prague for a mini mastermind DCX Prague. Also planning to go to the Cebu SEO office for some training seminars to the team and catch up with Josh on things. So June will probably be a lower productivity month.


Love planning out my “grinds” and hope this is at least a little bit entertaining for you. Putting it online makes it more real and I have to be even more accountable to myself. May, I am putting a lot of pressure to be a productivity machine and crank a ton of online content.
To your productivity success. It all starts by recording it and analyzing what is working and what isn’t.

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