First Vaccine Shot – Journey Of New Normal

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Shot #1 – First Dose of Chinese COVID Vaccine.

A few of y’all been asking for VLOGS – so here we go.

Finally leaving my apartment complex for the first shot of a COVID vaccine.

Let’s do this.

It’s been a while since the last vlog. There’s not much to show when you are basically sitting at home all day working online and taking kids around the neighborhood with some informal “English” chatting.

Today, we have a reason to pick up the blogging camera!

Wendy has insisted I get the dosage of Covid-19 vaccine. All Chinese have been getting their shots, free of charge, but foreigners are later on the list and pay (a small fee of 100 RMB a person).

Today, I brushed off the dust from the camera and took it with me. Some of it I couldn’t get on film but you should get the gist.

Wendy had a friend help us even get the vaccine for me. Foreigners get vaccines after the locals have gotten their shots. But we are working on getting back to Thailand for the autumn school semester for the kids and need to start this process now.

I’ll be honest, I don’t want to sound like a radical, but I’d prefer to not get the shot.

But ya, I did. Lets just say – happy wife, happy life.

It was a pretty efficient system. We took a Didi Dache taxi to the clinic. And, only about after 20 to 30 minutes in line, we were inside. We checked in (via Wechat “green” signal) and then paid the 100rmb (also by Wechat pay) and then got in the queue for the shot.

The shot was high on my shoulder (I was expecting more in the bicep). So, my rather tight button down black shirt required unbuttoning and undressing. Got some raised eyebrows for sure, ha! (And facebook friends said it looked like I was wearing a dress).

Then – JAB.

Not too painful – didn’t really feel it. A bit of a hold and jiggle and then after a few seconds, done!

They had us hang around the neighborhood for 30 minutes in case of any negative side effects and then we were done.

Second and final vaccine will be in a few weeks.

Hope this helps us get closer to Thailand. What a wild ride this has been – world – we will get through it.

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