Desparate Email – is it this bad in usa?

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Today I received an email from a friend back in the US. I will not disclose the person, but it made me realize “is it that bad in USA?”.

I remember back when I was home in America, people were buying houses, maxing up credit cards. Didn’t seem to be hard to find a job. Could always get by. Now my friends back home are getting their hours cut. Getting pay cuts. Hard to make payments on their credit cards. Not happy with their current jobs, but no where to go.

I just want to document this email, it really made me realize how bad its gotten.

But I hope each of us appreciates every day on this earth, and money isn’t everything.


Trust that all is well with you and your are surviving this recession. Today, marks 5 months since I have been home unemployed. During my time, I have managed to meet up with old colleagues via networking, volunteering at the local food pantry and spending time on doing all the things I always wanted to get done:-)

I have been on a few interviews but have yet to make it to the final stage. The NY market is quite tough and been considering relocating. This is not my preferred choice as I do own my own condo and the thought of having to put of for rent, moving and finding a new place to live is a lot of work. However, in these economic times I just may have to do so to survive and continue to strive for more in my career.

As a result, I am reaching out to you and would greatly appreciate if you can please share my details with anyone who you think can assist with my job search. I am open to temp & perm roles within the tri-state area (yes- that includes Connecticut & Long Island). Please keep in mind it does not have to be a senior role and open to jobs in other industries (i.e. Pharamacutial sales).

Thanks in advance for all your support.

{{name witheld}}

* resume attached


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  1. This is tough time for everyone and we will get through.Money is not everything but it is necessary,we need to earn money to take care our children,family and it is hard to happy without money for living. so whatever bad situation,good things….just try our best to enjoy everyday.Everything will be better again…

  2. Author

    sorry for my delay in response. that china blocking blogger really got to me and I had to rehost this.

    Yes, its the bad times that make us appreciate the good. And it will improve over time. And we’ll be stronger.

    Its a necessary evil, and onwards we push.

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