Snowy Shenyang Thanksgiving Week

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Michelini up to – Nov 22- 28, 2020?

Cold and snowy! That’s how it is here now. I’m ordering special computer gloves as my fingers are too cold to type and giving me a case of “fat finger”.

Here’s a bit of the work week:
* Webinar on Tuesday 8pm HK time on Scale By Outsourcing. I will share amazing insights.
* GFA live stream on Australia/ China relations on Thursday morning
* Content creation, as always, for our own sites and our clients’

It’s Thanksgiving and while there’s no turkey or Western friends in real life to celebrate with, I will be thankful to be with my family. That is what it truly is about – being with family and being thankful. Hope all of us can be more thankful and appreciative of what we have. If you are able to read this, then you should be grateful for eyesight and brainpower to process it. I’m also appreciative for being able to have food and water to be alive for another day.

That is what we all should have learned in 2020. Health is the most important. But not just that, taking care of the Earth and environment is important as well, as I feel this virus came as a signal from the Earth to “just stop” (my friend Chantal made this amazing voiceover that I recommend listening to).

Anyway, I will be “grinding” as always, during this short work week in America.

Content creation, community building, and consulting. The 3C which I am so happy to have been brought to my attention by Jeff, my mentor.


Here’s for those who want to read the full week plan I make for the internal company (removing sensitive names and info):


Week Plan Nov. 22- 28, 2020 Shadstone Limited

Thanksgiving /Black Friday week, this week! And, it’s snowing in Shenyang, China. But, China doesn’t recognize Thanksgiving or Black Friday so it’s a normal week here, for the most part. 😉

This Tuesday night, Nov. 24, 8pm HK time we will have a Scale By Outsourcing course webinar.  We are re-opening the program after a couple of years now and making it a more intensive, live program in addition to a course. I am a bit nervous and not a “fan” of selling online courses but I have Gilbert who’s coaching me. We have to explore beyond our comfort zones, right? Plus, I love sharing about this.

On Thursday, Nov 26, that’s thanksgiving morning in Asia time, we will be doing a live stream podcast recording! Who says I need a day off for Thanksgiving? Always creating, always building is my life theme:)

Finally, on Saturday Nov 28, we will be recording a presentation for an online summit for Source Find Asia about Community Building and Content for Ecommerce Sellers. This is what we are, the CCC – Content, Community, and Consulting within the cross border trade and ecommerce industry.

Speaking of content, expect more content projects coming in and the team is really doing well. Shout out to her for really being a leader with the new writers and projects in KeyBlogging. I’m excited to have her focus more on this platform.

A similar platform we are making is which is more for brands and influencers as it is something we need to use for our own brands that are coming up. There’s just a couple of us working on this one for now as it is still in its early stage. But I am looking for someone to help with the project, similar to how we have someone overseeing Keyblogging, working with the writers and the content requests. For, we will be working with influencers and product owners. I am open to recommendations from people in the team or in your network.

I really can’t wait to restart the GFAVIP mastermind sessions, with the kickoff one on Tuesday, Dec 1. This is the main value that members get from the membership and I’m glad that we will have these sessions back.

I’m still diving deep in the “new internet” of handshake and HNS instead of the current “old internet” of DNS. I plan to ask some of our web teams to help me with these projects and may get some client work for making HNS sites soon. It’s very cutting edge and I can’t wait to share the knowledge with those on the team.

Trying to think if we are doing (I am doing) a good job with the company culture. Getting Otira on board to somehow help with that.  Otira is a new “bot” that we are investing in to try to help with the Slack engagement, and to ensure everyone is sharing their true feelings with the company. It was built by my programmer friend and we are an early user.

As year end is approaching I do hope to do more “check-ins” with the team. I try to listen, and am reading more management and HR books to try to improve. We have the anonymous feedback mechanism that we do monthly as well as this new Otira bot for engagement. I’m trying to keep as many ways as I can to ensure that all of us are enjoying what we are doing.

Have a good week!

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