Going to a Bar and Not Drinking – Mike’s Blog 032

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Like feeling awkward? Go to a bar and pass up beer, wine, and shots for the night and you’ll know what I mean. But for the past year or more I have barely been drinking. Sneaking a sparkling water or soda water instead of an alcoholic beverage. I feel much better the next morning and honestly just don’t miss it.

Yet, I had to go to my friend Gary’s welcome back party party for teachers hosted by ShekouDaily.com – he always throws a great party and has helped me a lot over the years. Open bar and everything, still not drinking!

But why the change? Not exactly sure a lot of lifestyle changes such as waking up earlier, dieting, exercise, and focused work sessions. The hard part for me is to say no (to alcohol as well as a lot of things in life, honestly!) but once you get the hang of it and just are confident about it, the rest just rolls along.

How about you? Maybe its getting older, being a dad, or just not caring what people think anymore. Would love to hear insights and ideas in the comments below.

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