Image Is Everything

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Image Is Everything

Working on image and your online brand.

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I have great friends, who give me those hard to hear talks. Basically I need to show off my “cool lifestyle” more. I am too raw and I am not showing the glamor and the good life.

Had a private session with a friend over the weekend, I won’t mention names, but he gave me a good heart to heart talk. I need to take more care and attention to the image I am portraying on the internet. I am showing the hard work – but I should be showing also the positive outlook and the positive results from the hard work.

This conversation continued when I met Roland and Cadrian – my partners in our Amazon FBA business – and they agreed I need to show the “enjoying” part. Roland really enjoys these videos and says one that stuck out was my fun night with the family at the Hard Rock Cafe hotel in Shenzhen. He was happy to see me celebrating and enjoying more.

Fair enough.

I don’t like to show off much and “rub it in your face” but it is true I am having some great experiences – so stay tuned to see more of the fun stuff.

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