It’s Christmas Time for Digital Nomads

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It’s Christmas Time for Digital Nomads

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Keep on making forward progress. The yearly pilgrimage for the Dynamite Circle – DCBKK is happening in today’s video. I’m such a fan boy – but Dan and Ian at Tropical MBA have done such an amazing job building up this community of digital nomads. Not really digital nomads I’d say more like online business owners and “bosses”.

I use this yearly conference as a time to “rip the bandaid off” and expose myself and my business to others here. Had an intense mastermind where I felt like the least experienced info marketer in the table. But that is what it is about, biting off more than you can chew.

An intense WEEK long (technically the conference is only Saturday and Sunday!) of masterminds, meetups, sessions, and more – we are overloaded with feedback and knowledge. I am soaking it up as much as I can. Still so much to learn even after over a decade – heck even more – of working online and in internet business products.

So I’m a fan boy – DCBKK 2013 spawned the idea for Global From Asia – which is my “full time job” now and I am still pushed over the edge and ripping band aids off myself to try to get further and further up the value chain.

What is in store for the time between DCBKK2017 and DCBKK2018? Always interesting for me to look back from the previous year and see what has been achieved, and setting some big goals – main one is make Global From Asia a more focused machine on paid memberships. Get to the next level and help more people achieve their goals in Hong Kong and China business setup, optimization, ecommerce, and marketing.

So many new ideas to grow and achieve greatness. I also need to keep breaking more limiting beliefs in what I think is possible.

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