MikesBlog Merges with Twitter Background Size website

Over the past year, Mike’s Blog has been maintaining TwitterBackgroundSize.com that it had purchased in late 2018.With the new year coming, management felt it was a good time to merge the site into Mike’s blog.

What is TwitterBackgroundSize.com?

It is a simple blog about various sizes of social media images. Of course it includes Twitter (which we moved that guide here) but it also includes Youtube, Facebook, Instagram – and some expired one like Google+

Why Merge the Sites?

We feel the content is close enough that we can join forces rather than operate them separately.

Mike’s blog is a website that has been adding more templates and guides on blogging. Social media is also a very important part of that – and we are putting the focus to grow more content and guides to help people excel in social media.

Image sizing for social media is an ongoing hot topic and we hope this content can be a way to get more people to succeed in social media.

Therefore, we believe Mikes Blog is a great home for the content of TwitterBackgroundSize.com and are looking forward to further growing and maintaining the library of image sizing guides and other boosting guides and blogs.

How Can You Find the Twitter Background Size Website Content?

The content will be deeply integrated into the Mike’s blog site – so it may be hard to find it specifically and separately.

We will use the Social Media section as the main hub of the content and guides that you knew and enjoyed from the original website.

To Learn More About Mike’s Blog M&A Division

For more information of questions, please feel free to contact Mike’s Blog here.

If you know of other relevant websites in the blogging, website templates, and social media space that are looking to join the Mike’s blog network, we would love to hear from you.