Social Media Dimensions & Templates


Social Media Is Really Important

And branding is all about image. Image is everything right? So make sure you have the right image by making the correct layout of your social media profiles.

Here at Mike’s Blog we have put together a section of all the various sizes and shapes and styles for you to make your brand stand out on various social media platforms – enjoy!

Twitter Background Size

Twitter Background Size & Profile – Twitter is still relevant. Learn how to optimize your background and photos

Google Plus Image Sizing

Google Plus Image Dimensions – Google+ is helpful for search engines. Get your brand looking crisp and sharp on G+

Instagram Image Sizing

Instagram Image Sizing – IG is taking over social media! Make sure you are optimized and looking your best on Instagram.

Linkedin Image Sizing

Linkedin Image Sizing – Linked optimization for your personal and business image. Put your best face on!

Pinterest Image Dimensions

Pinterest Image Dimensions Maximize the amount of clicks on your Pinterest. Leverage this platform with optimized images.

Tumblr Image Dimensions

Tumblr Image Dimensions Get the right layout for your Tumblr blog. Grow your followers and view count the right way.

Youtube Background Images

Youtube Background Images Get the subscribers you deserve with optimized images. Having a smart looking channel helps.

Learn how to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Learn how to Optimize Your Twitter Profile Read our Infographic : Learn how to Optimize Your Twitter Profile.

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