Video Editing

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Video Editing

Do you have a video blog or business that needs video editing? Want to work with a team who can help you take the burden of editing the videos off your hands?

Mike’s Blog has been dealing with video blog editing for years, and has put together a nice system and team to help you do it.

What you need to do:
* Tell us what file sharing system you want to share the files to us (dropbox, google drive, Onedrive, etc)
* Choose which “template” of video production you are trying to make (see below)
* Upload the raw video files to that file sharing system
* Give us 3-4 business days notice

Video Production “templates”
We don’t like the word “templates” – let’s call them formats.
* 1 minute video clips, square for Instagram and Facebook / social media
* 3-5 minute video blog / stories
* Interview formats (no more than 12 minutes long)

What We Do On Our side
* Receive the raw footage
* Know which “template” format you’d like
* Create The video
* Send it back to you in the same shared cloud drive

There you go – in and out.

We want to work with you on an ongoing basis, and therefore have these as monthly packages. Please choose the right package for your business needs

The current price on this page is for 1 video editing

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