Podcast Editing

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Podcast Editing

Do you need podcast editing for your show? Want to work with a reliable and easy company to just get it done?

Then this is the perfect package for you. This is a monthly package for 4 shows per month up to 30 minutes of un-edited raw footage.

What you need to do:
*You find the guests
* You do the interviews
* You send us the files
* You already have your podcast feed / artwork / bumpers ready (if you need help with this, please see our podcast setup package)

What is included on this side:
* Editing the audio of your podcast
* Preparing of the meta of the mp3 file
* Uploading to your file sharing system of choice (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)

After You Receive These files:
* You upload to your podcast server
* You create the show notes and blog post
* You schedule and publish the shows

To summarize, we are assisting you with the editing of the audio and preparing the mp3 for the show. You need to find and interview the guests, and then prepare the show notes and blog post for publishing. If you’d like a more premium package with more of these items done for you, please contact us for a custom package.

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