I am what they call a “mutt”. For those not familiar, it is slang for a person that has many different heritages. Here goes mine:

25% Italian – where my family name “michelini” comes from. My father’s father came from Italy to find money making opportunities in New York City.

25% Russian – my father’s mother came from Russia. her family came from Russia, to Korea, then to Seattle. Later my grandmother left the family on the west coast and moved to New york city, where she met my grandfather.

50% French Canadian (or 25% french, 25% canadian) – My mother’s side came from French Canada. not too familiar with the movement down to USA from Canada, but it happened from Maine, and then to Connecticut, where my mom met my dad.

When I was younger, I felt almost embarrassed to be such a mix of different nationalities, or that it was too much to explain everytime someone asked. It was easier to just be Italian, as my family name Michelini is so strongly Italian. And it is fun to be Italian, they are an emotional and passionate group of people. Plus where I grew up in Connecticut was the South End of Hartford, which had a lot of Italian Americans, as well as my time in New york city and hoboken, new jersey. Many crazy Italians in my growing up.

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