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In by Michael Michelini

This very blog is built on X Pro (By Theme Co) and many of our other main authority sites are built on it.

Credit goes to my buddy who during a mastermind suggested all of us jump on this new revolutionary WordPress Theme “X” at the time.

That was back in 2015 and I am so glad I did it.

And with X Pro update it is even better – truly can make a site totally unique design without needing to get fancy web developers.

What makes it so cool?

Basically the templates, and the blocks. So for example – I can save my homepage as template block – and then make a new page or edit a current page and then import this block. In no time at all I have all the content and design there – then I cut and chop and change.

I do this between websites as well – so long as they are all on the X Pro theme (I have about 10 now)

And there are tons of templates online now you can grab to get all the style and design you need.

Examples of how I use X Pro

It has saved me a ton of time working with my WordPress posting team, as we simply use the theme template pages on new posts and edit as needed.

Podcast page template

When we make a new podcast post in one of our authority sites, we have a saved Pro theme template that we import. It has all the blocks and layout as we need, and simply update the image and text and bullet points and mp3 link.

Product review page template

When we make a new product review page on certain affiliate sites – we have a certain layouts and procedures that revolve around the importing of a review X Pro template page. It is the cornerstone (actually the old name of X Pro page editor) of the procedure.

Various Blog post templates

When we want to make certain layouts of blog posts we can go – BOOM – and a long form blog post layout is there. Add in the images, graphic design, block quote, the list goes on.

So not only does X Pro make your pages look top notch, it also makes it easier for your team to make new pages without needing how to code or do web design.

Worth the 70 usd, and you can really use this for anything.

Note – there is X and Pro – both are awesome – but Pro is the newer one with much more power and flexibility.

Check out X Pro today!

X Pro
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