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In by Michael Michelini

I’m a hyper user of AIT-Themes

I stumbled across AIT themes when building out a directory (and used Directory Pro theme they had )

They had a very logical upsell process and eventually I am all in on their suite of tools and themes. But useful and extensive.

My favorite part of all their themes is they have so many “sections” like team, testimonials, services – that you can simply plug into the Page Builder on a page. That means non-technical people can simply add a service and it will “pull” into any parts on the site that are using that service block.

You can pay for one theme / plugin if that is all you want, or they encourage you to get on their yearly or lifetime plan.

I do feel comfortable recommending this – if you are just doing it for one site may not need the subscription – but if you do a lot of websites like I do – then getting a subscription is well worth it. (I was on pay per use, then got to yearly subscription, and then finally bought the lifetime).

My workflow for this is – if I am making a new website (say for Boy Scouts Troop 105) then I will go to Ait Themes first to see if I can find a suitable theme. Download, upload, and boom!

Why not a free theme?
Because so many people are using them! And it normally isn’t truly free, most of the time free themes will upsell something and hold back all the features that you will need. I just pay for this subscription and go there when I need a theme – done, easy.

So check out AIT themes today!

AIT Themes
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