In by Michael Michelini

We are serious about building a brand in all the businesses we are in. And a brand, to be properly shown as one, is really validated with that “R with a circle around it” after the words.

That, to me, means – don’t mess with us! Don’t copy us. On many of the businesses I am a partner in, I put a special trademark page that shows where it is registered and the details of the trademark.

And honestly a trademark isn’t expensive – in USA, China, and most parts of the world that I have looked.

But you don’t want to learn how to do it yourself, right? We are all busy business owners here.

So check out Trademarks247 – its a service to make it simple and easy to file your trademark in USA (China coming soon) online and with a specialist. (Please note, I am an investor in the company)

The pricing clearly separates the government fee and the service fee – so there are no hidden charges or surprises later.

Check it out today – !

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