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Looking for a WordPress Plugin with the best flexibility for your membership website?

Member Mouse is the top pick, the only pick as far as I am concerned.

You get complete control on the experience of the site – and it is seamless with your normal WordPress experience.

There are some tricks to it – and after years of using Member Mouse I will explain it a bit here:

Difference Of Membership Types, Bundles and Products

The biggest confusion I had was what is the differences between these 3 different kinds of “things” you need to set in your Member Mouse account.

Membership type / level – this is the core level of the user when they create an account. Actually, this one I just had one basic level of membership. I didn’t use this to set different levels of access, but that is one way. The next method is what I used (shout out to John Nemz for that). Everyone must be a member to log in to the membership site, and you can set different levels of membership for different levels of access (but use bundles, see next section)

Bundle – this is a group of products (or just 1 product) that gives access to various parts of your membership website. What I mean here is when someone buys your membership, they get a membership account (above), d a bundle of products / access. This can be a certain category (great for courses, put all your courses into that category) or certain pages / posts / forums.

Products – this is what someone buys to get access (membership level and bundle). The cool thing here is – you can make multiple products for the same bundle – so you can have launch discount price, you can have discounted price to your email subscribers, etc etc. Total flexibility – as product is simply a container that holds a price.

So how does Member Mouse work in practice?

Ok, so let’s say you are going to join Mike’s Blog membership and it is on Member Mouse. You read the sales page, and then are convinced this is a great offer and want to buy – so click to buy / checkout now.

On the checkout page – it is still on your same WordPress site (you are responsible to collect payments directly) it is any page you setup for your checkout – say with a ?productID – that is the product you are setting them up to buy – which is a price and then gives them access to your membership level and bundle of information.

Once they pay and create their login details they go to your member dashboard. Then they will be able to see the content that they purchased. And you are set.

You can make the product one time payment, or recurring (the holy grail). Of course that depends on what you are offering!

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