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Looking to have your own courses online and create some passive income streams? Want to also control the branding and pricing.

Then Teachable is a great solution for you to look into.

As you may see on my blog here at Mike’s Blog I have quite a few books and courses – and have many MONTHS (yes you read this correctly) – MONTHS of my time making various membership websites.

Sure, you can build it on your own WordPress site but it takes a ton of effort (if you insist- you can read our directory items about Member Mouse here, top pick for a WordPress plugin for membership sites).

With Teachable – it is similar to Udemy except – you “own” the user experience.

What do I mean?

Basically – a ton of us start out with putting our first courses on Udemy (no problem, don’t worry!) but then later see the courses discounted down to 10 bucks quite a bit. Not only that, but you don’t know much about who these students are, emails, etc. They are Udemy’s customers.

Plus, all that traffic is being sent to Udemy’s own website.

Now, for Teachable, you can get them on your own custom website (subdomain) and “control” and have something to do with their user experience.

Pretty awesome right?

What are some good names to call your Teachable subdomain on your blog?

You can call it your school, your academy, your course center, your member center.

What I also recommend is to keep as many of your courses on 1 account as possible. I know – we want to build up our web empire with all these independent sites for courses -but it gets quite hard to manage and overwhelming. By having 1 spot (your academy/ school) – you can still have your various website empires but for checkout you can send them to your own academy site for the sales page and then checkout.

Plus – you can connect your dropbox account to Teachable and import all your courses there as well. Nice and easy!

There is a free level account to learn the ropes of Teachable, but if you are serious about having courses there then you will definitely get into the basic plan at 30 to 40 usd a month (depending on monthly or yearly plan).

Online courses are the future, and if you are serious about monetizing your audience, having a quality course that fits their need is the best solution.

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So what are you waiting for – get that course online now!

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