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Printful – a great way to monetize your traffic and build your brand.

I met these guys at a conference in 2017 and they have been doing amazing things! A simple yet powerful concept that we at Mike’s Blog are also using- kind of like Cafepress but integrated into your own website – using Woo Commerce!

So how does it work?

Pretty simple – you have a brand or designs of something that would look “cool” and desirable for people to want to buy and wear as a t-shirt or use as a mug? Great – upload those high resolution images and you can make :

Tank tops
iPhone cases

So much more!

Doing Merch By Amazon? Perfect!

If you are doing Merch by Amazon – you can leverage the same designs and put them in your own website store.

Setting Up a Printful Shop

Basically, signup by downloading the Printful plugin for Woo commerce in your WordPress site. Then create a free account – all within the plugin – and start to upload images, choose a product, set shipping rules.

The customer will buy on your website, then the plugin will automatically send the order to Printful to be shipped out. It even picks the best ship-from printing center based on the customer’s address.

Focus on Building Your Audience and Your designs

So the biggest headache with e-commerce – at least for me – is the logistics! Taking care of the orders, routing them to the right place, etc etc. Now, with Printful you don’t need to worry about any of that! Focus on what you enjoy and grow sales and get money into your bank account.

Here at Mike’s Blog we are all about supporting creators to build their business. We also struggle with making money to support our content creation and using Printful is a nice and easy way for you to add a new income stream to your business.

Checkout Printful Today

Search for Printful plugin in your woo-commerce wp-admin area or visit Printful’s website today!

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