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Slack for working teams

Jeez, like everyone I know working online is using Slack. It is simple but you can also program it / automate it / connect it with so many other systems.

I suggest if you are new to Slack – keep it simple. Not too many channels, not too many integrations. I have made the mistake of adding too many things and overloading the team.

My format for Slack
I suggest to make channels for each department so that those in the team can see it. It is really like email except in chat form and less “piling up feeling” although if you don’t check for a while it will get overwhelming.

I try to avoid using direct messages, but there isn’t a way to turn it off – thus many still private message each other and it can get annoying. The purpose of Slack is to have channels and people in a team about that project can follow what is happening.

Some cool integrations I use are:

Time Doctor

So that we can see what is getting done in real time!

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