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Asana for Task Management

So many people have their own task system, but for years now we have been using Asana to keep track of who needs to do what.

The best part is – you can do quite a bit with their free version.

We use Asana to list out tasks, assign them, put due dates. The website layout is straight forward – almost like an excel list with a project list on one side and then a task list on the right side.

Anyone who is a true manager and leader needs to have a plan and assign / delegate. It is always stressful but by having one online and free for the most part really helps.

Worth trying out. Some people live by Trello – I think it depends if you like to drag and drop boxes of tasks or prefer to see it more like a list /spreadsheet

Asana is like a task list
Trello is like a board of tasks

I’m more “boring” and like spreadsheets – thus I am stuck on Asana.

Let me know what you think!

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