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Need micro tasks done?

Meaning a specific, clearly defined task with start and finish? Then Fiverr is the place for you. The name comes from 5 dollar tasks (when it first came out everything was 5 dollars) – but the real value isn’t the dollar amount of the tasks but instead the ability to find specialized people for a very specific task at a fixed price.

The difference with Fiverr and Upwork ?

Good question, Fiverr is more for those who want a fairly “quick” and specific task for a fixed price.

Upwork, or other systems are more for ongoing (by the hour) or custom projects.

Plus, Fiverr is a more fun experience – the user interface and the whole process is smooth and enjoyable – kind of like a game. It walks you through to make sure you give all the information that you need for the service provider to complete the task.

What have I Used Fiverr For?

So maybe it is most helpful if I show you some of the gigs I have gotten in Fiverr.

Podcast Intros – almost all my podcasts are done with a quick intro from someone else’s voice. It just makes it feel more professional in my opinion than me to do it myself. I have paid between 5 to 15 usd for it, and used about 4 or 5 different people on Fiverr for it.

Book and T-shirt Covers – Ideas and inspiration. Sometimes it helps to get a ton of different ideas from people and ones you may even use!

Video bumpers – great little intros that can convert your logo into some quick animation with some intense sound.

And quite a few that I am embarrassed and not comfortable to share! But that is the point – the price is reasonable and you can experiment and get ideas and quickly EXECUTE.

That is really what it is about Fiverr that I love – JUST GET IT DONE. Find the gig, pay the money, tell them your conditions / input and they deliver in a few days.

Boom, next, done.

Biggest Tip For Fiverr

Garbage in is garbage out. So you need to be CLEAR what you want. Don’t buy the gig until you are ready to give the clear specifications. Check what they will want when you buy it – and as soon as payment is done – give them the details. I normally write it up on a notepad before I put into Fiverr just in case I want keep a copy for my records and re-use for other gigs.

Make it a content machine!

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